Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022)

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Welcome to another issue of Ecclesial Futures and another fine set of original research contributions on the development and transformation of local Christian communities.

This is also our second “Diamond Open Access” issue, with all our output free to download for readers, thanks to Radboud University Press and Open Journals.

The shift of Ecclesial Futures to “Diamond Open Access” has brought significant increase in downloads of abstracts, complete articles and book reviews. Do spread the news far and wide about this fantastic resource and invite your colleagues to subscribe to this Newsletter on the website.

The articles in this issue explore the interface between the individual and the communal in contemporary mission

  • how individual listening to the homeless results in transformations in communal belonging
  • how a denomination might nurture cross-cultural friendships through relational ways of understanding the evangelistic sense of self
  • how a film questions clergy-centric identities and communal processes of interpretation
  • how the spiritual practice of beholding can form local communities in mission
  • how embodied spiritual practices might offer a relational and dynamic participation in the missio Dei.

We also provide an activity report from the Christian Communities and Mission Study Group who gathered as part of International Association of Mission Studies 2022. This report reflects on hybrid conference and identifies current synergies and gaps in the development and transformation of local Christian communities. I commend the articles, report and book reviews to your reflecting, thinking and acting.

‒ Steve Taylor, Co-Editor, December 2022


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Published: 2022-12-21

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