Mongolian Migrants in a Korean Missional Church:

The Case of Nasom Community


  • Seon-Yi Lee Honam Theological University and Seminary



Missional Ecclesiology, Nasom Community, Korean Church, Mongolian Migrant, Asia Mission


Ever since Lesslie Newbigin’s missional ecclesiology was introduced to South Korean churches in 2000, Korean scholars and pastors have been reaching beyond church growth theory to explore alternative and practical models. Missional ecclesiology led them to refine their ecclesiology and to restore the essence of the Korean church. This paper examines Nasom Community for Mongolian Migrants as a model of missional church in Korea. This study first describes the situation of Mongolian migrants in Korea. Secondly, the missionary vision and missionary strategies of Nasom Community, and how they are implemented in practice, are explored. Finally, the mission of Nasom Community is reviewed. This case shows the missionary potential of the Korean church for Asian mission.




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